The most precious asset of man is his health. To maintain a healthy life and maintain this wealth, you need to have regular check-ups. Liv Hospital offers all ages and gender-specific services through check-up programs.

Environmental pollution, stress, wrong eating habits and genetic risks that threaten healthy life are manifested by different diseases. To be protected from diseases, to diagnose existing diseases and to have a healthier life is possible with Liv Hospital Healthy Life and Check-Up Clinic!

In Liv Hospital Check-Up Center, the risk analysis of your genetic map will be carried out in cooperation with the Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Research and Application Clinic in order to determine the possible risks of gender and lifestyle and the risks of familial diseases. Thus, your family history is detailed and early diagnosis is provided for risky diseases.

Why Should You Have a Check-Up?

 If one of your goals is having a healthy life
 If you want to know what to do to become healthier
 If you want to see that you are as healthy as you feel
 You cannot devote time to health during intense life rhythm
 If you are worried about common diseases in your family
 If you want to catch the disease early and be treated easily, you should contact our Check-Up and Healthy Living Department.

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