At Liv Hospital Ulus Regenerative Medicine Stem Cell Production Center, safe and highest quality biological products are manufactured for use in treatments at intra-hospital GMP standards for the first time in Turkey. Our aim is to provide new cellular and tissue-based medical treatments for our patients using the latest advances in genetic sciences and biotechnology, as well as providing expertise and infrastructure to resolve complex legal, financial and manufacturing problems associated with the transport of cells and tissue-based products. The mission of the Regenerative Medicine Stem Cell Production Center is to provide a comprehensive service to patients through the coordinated efforts of doctors, researchers and bioengineers, and to support approved new biological treatments, stem cell production and application methods.


In Which Areas are Stem Cell Applications Used?

Orthopedic Applications

Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Applications
 Vascular Sugery Applications
 Brain and Nerve Sugery Applications
 Neurology Applications

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